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Live Bees Refund Application

We deeply regret that we have not been able to fulfill your requirements for 2021 live bees. Many challenges have been put before us this season, most of them being totally beyond our control.

If you wish to apply for a refund, we require enough information to efficiently and accurately perform this service for you. Please ensure that all of the fields in the form are completed correctly before submitting it.

We will refund through whatever means you originally used to purchase live bees from us. You should see a transaction on your bank or credit card statement within a week or two.

You will be notified by email when your application has been approved.

If you bought your bees on multiple orders, you will need to submit a form for each order. Similarly, if you’re applying for a refund on two or more items on the same sales order, you will need to submit a form for each line item.